The evolution of my spring break

In the past, spring break has always consisted of late nights or long days on the beach for me. However, the older I get the more I realize that spring break is more than just a party-filled week. This spring break I was productive, I appreciated nature, and I traveled to a city where I’ve been wanting to go  ever since I moved to Iowa- and let me tell you, it felt damn good.

Although tedious, my boyfriend and I installed backsplash in our kitchen during the beginning of spring break. Now our kitchen looks brighter and has a new upgrade to it. It took two days, four electric shocks, and countless trips to Lowe’s, but in the end it was all worth it and we have something to boast about when guests come into our home. A couple days later we decided to take it easy and have a game night. Monopoly was played as well as UNO, and even though I lost both games I still had an absolute blast!

The day after our game night, my boyfriend and I decided to visit the waterfall in Lake Macbride State Park in Solon. We parked our car and walked through a mini park and over the dam to where the waterfall was. Just hearing the falls put you at ease, and as you follow them down their path they run into the lake that goes out into the distance. We climbed up the falls and the giant hill next to them. This is a place we will definitely be visiting again. Even though the trees were still touched by winter and the sun was hiding behind the clouds it was a beautiful sight to see, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like in the summer and fall!

A few relaxing days after our waterfall trip, my boyfriend and I headed to a city I’ve always wanted to go to since I moved to Iowa- Des Moines. Even though it was only for one day and one night I feel as if we got a lot done. We started off by going to Zombie Burger which I’ve been wanting to try forever (it didn’t disappoint). Then we headed to Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden which was breathtaking. I love flowers, plants, and trees so this was the place for me! It even inspired me to start my own garden some day when I have a backyard to do so. Next, we visited the Science Center of Iowa. We went through every room they had there interacting with all they had to offer; we even got a chance to watch a 30 minute show about the universe. After all that we headed to our hotel to relax for a bit by the fire pit they had outside. We then headed to a sports bar for dinner and walked around town where we eventually ended up at Voodoo, a martini bar. We enjoyed ourselves so much that this summer we plan on going back to go through the Capitol, see an Iowa Cubs game, and visit the Iowa State Fair.

With spring break coming to an end, I look back at all the memories I got to make with my boyfriend. We each got to do something we’ve been wanting to do for a while and were productive in the process. So maybe it is with age that I’ve come to realize that there is more to spring break than just partying. To me now, it’s about being with the ones you love and cherishing those memories that will last a lifetime.

My boyfriend and I standing behind the waterfall at Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.

3 thoughts on “The evolution of my spring break

  1. I have lived in Iowa and didn’t know of the waterfall at McBride and some of the other places you’ve mentioned in Des Moines! It definitely makes me want to get out more and explore! I also agree with the concept of what to do for Spring Break! I’d take mini vacations and exploring over partying any day !

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