Bicycles & Baseball: Hopping on the bandwagon

Ever since I’ve moved to Iowa I’ve noticed one big thing: bicycles, bicycles, bicycles. Almost everywhere you look when it’s a beautiful day outside you see someone or a group of people riding. On a different note, I’ve never been that much into baseball, but my boyfriend is a huge fan and loves to go to baseball games. This past weekend the theme was baseball and bikes and I have to tell you- I’m glad I’m hopping on those bandwagons.

On Saturday we went to go see the Cedar Rapid Kernels take on the Clinton LumberKings. With my boyfriend being from Clinton, Iowa, this was an especially fun game for him. I’ve only been to one other baseball game in my life when I was younger, but now I’m wishing I had been to more. Just the atmosphere itself was wonderful; the smell of ballpark food, families sitting together, kids running around, the crack of a bat, fans cheering and ice cold beer.

Sitting on the lawn at the Kernels game with my boyfriend.

The game is affordable and the fans are great. Everyone was so friendly and the tickets were super cheap! We got lawn seats for $8 a piece, and the view was awesome! You could see the whole field and got your own section in the lawn (I’ll remember to bring a small blanket next time). It was so fun to watch all the kids run up the hill and fight to get the ball- it reminded me of how fish swarm in an aquarium when they’re being fed. Needless to say that won’t be my last game to go to.

A view of the game from our seats.

The next day we woke up to yet another beautiful day, and we were not about to let it go to waste. Since I’ve moved to Cedar Rapids, I’ve heard of so many bike trails and have seen so many people ride. And if I’m being honest- I really had no idea there were bikes made for the street and such (I figured my mountain bike was good enough for the road). I have always thought a bike was just a bike. My boyfriend and I have always wanted to hop on this bike bandwagon, if you please, and really start riding around town more often. Living right by a bike path in North Liberty, it’s always been calling us to go for a ride on.

So we got in the car and headed to Walmart to take a look at bikes. Before you say, “Walmart?! Why would you buy a bike from there?!” I want you to know that this is a starter bike for the both of us, and we’re not trying to spend $800-$1,000. Once I get more advanced, and have the money to do so, then I can look into purchasing a better bike. When we finally found the bikes we wanted, we headed to the car to mount the bike rack (took about 45 minutes to put on- pretty comical) and headed back home.

All in all we ended up putting in 12 miles and rode around most of North Liberty. We stopped at a few places to get some beers and enjoyed the scenery around us. My butt was sore the next day and I had a wicked sunburn, but it was all worth it. Feeling the breeze against your face and flying down the path is such a freeing feeling.

A beautiful tree I spotted by a pond on our route.

I really believe I’m going to enjoy this bike and take full advantage of it, and I look forward to more adventures on my bike! I can’t wait to ride down to Iowa City and explore what all they have to offer down there. I also look forward to going to more baseball games; Iowa Cubs, Chicago Cubs, and Kernels. I’m excited to have jumped on the bicycle and baseball bandwagon and look forward to more memories!


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