falling for fall foliage in the Midwest

Being from Texas you never really get to experience fall like you do here in Iowa. I remember the first time seeing all the leaves change; I was drawn into their beauty as if I were being hypnotized. The bright oranges and yellows, the deep reds really take your breath away.

A beautiful bright yellow and orange tree I saw on my walk around Cedar Rapids.

One place I hope to go to during the fall is Dubuque. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I’ve taken the elevator railway up to the peak and looked out over the Mississippi. I could only imagine what it looks like during the fall. Seeing all those beautiful colors painted across the Mississippi has got to be pretty easy on the eye, and I hope some day I get to experience that.

Sometimes when I’m driving I get lost in the tunnel of trees that surround the roads, and I have to remind myself that I am driving and need to keep an eye on the road. It’s just so hard though because when you see all these colors together, it’s hard not to stare. We have nothing like that in Texas, so still being pretty new to Iowa it always catches my attention.

Going on walks are probably my favorite thing to do during the fall. The temperature is just right, and I can really take in the beauty of it all without having to worry about getting into a car wreck. My favorite are the bright colored¬†ones– I’m typically more drawn into those.

I was going on a walk around a friend’s neighborhood, and I saw this in one of the front yards.

I only wish the fall foliage would last longer. I feel like one week I’m looking at all these wonderful and colorful trees and the next they are bare. That’s why every time fall comes around I try and take pictures of my favorite trees. I also love walking through all the colorful leaves that have fallen to the ground and throwing them up in the air. If I end up moving away after I graduate, I know one thing I’m going to miss for sure and that’s the magnificent fall colors that nature brings.


One thought on “falling for fall foliage in the Midwest

  1. I have lived in Iowa my entire life and still am completely mesmerized by the beauty of the scenery every year. Fall is one of my favorite times in Iowa because the amazing sunsets we have year round combine with the beauty of the trees and bushes changing color. Sometimes it almost looks unreal. One place I would love to experience fall would be near the mountains, then I could witness the beauty of the orange and red leaves in the valley with the backdrop of the mountains.


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